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Employees Giving Back

FBD recognises the important part that we have to play in protecting and supporting our local communities. Our employees are very active in supporting a wide range of local and national charity and community based organisations. At a group level, FBD employees voted from a panel of charities to appoint the Jack & Jill Children’s foundation and the Alzheimer’s Society as our charity partners for 2018.

Taking responsibility for our Carbon Footprint

FBD aims to prevent environmental damage and at all times comply with legislative and regulatory requirements. We actively measure, manage and mitigate our carbon footprint. We have engaged with the Carbon Disclosure Project to understand and mitigate our environmental impact. Our initiatives also raise awareness amongst internal stakeholders and employees on how simple, effective and relevant activities can contribute to a healthier planet.

In 2018, FBD engaged with Vita Ireland to purchase voluntary carbon credits to offset the tonnes of carbon created by our claimed business kilometres, using carbon credits from Vita’s innovative Green Impact Fund.

Small Measures can make a big difference

FBD promotes a recycling policy throughout the company and is committed to utilise where feasible the most energy efficient equipment that is available. With a large, dispersed workforce, small measures can make a big difference. A reduction in paper usage is actively promoted.

While a major reduction in printed material has been achieved to date, further initiatives are planned for this area. FBD has committed to LED energy efficient lighting throughout its 34 Branch network, Sales centre and Head office. As a first step this is expected to considerably reduce energy usage.

To help reduce plastic waste, FBD eliminated the use of single-use plastic cups and stirrers. Each employee is provided with Bisphenol-A (BPA) free, reusable water bottles.