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Notice of Results

On Friday, 5 August 2022, FBD Holdings plc issued its half year results for the six months ended 30 June 2022

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Annual Report 2021

On Friday 4th March 2022, FBD Holdings plc issued its Annual Report for 2021.

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Key Performance Stats

For the six months ended 30 June 2022

19mProfit Before

Compared with €22m profit for half-year 2021

79% Combined Operating

Improvement compared with 92% equivalent figure for 2021

193m Gross Written

Increase vs €181m premium written in half-year 2021

1129c Net Asset Value
per share

Reduced slightly compared to 1,137c equivalent figure for half-year 2021

8% Return on Equity (annualised)

Compared with equivalent figure of 10% for half year 2021

Tomás O'Midheach

"I am pleased to report a profit for the first half of 2022. Our focus has been on driving value for our stakeholders and we have made positive progress against this. This is despite the difficult economic backdrop as investment volatility impacts our results. Investment markets had an exceptionally challenging first six months to the year, the increase in inflation and resultant higher interest rates is impacting our returns and reducing the valuation of the FBD bond portfolio."

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Results Centre

Below you will find an archive of reports and presentations published by FBD Holdings plc.

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Date Title Files
Date:5 August 2022 Title:Half Year Results 2022
Date:12 May 2022 Title:Results of 2022 AGM
Date:12 May 2022 Title:Trading Update 2022
Date:8 Apr 2022 Title:Solvency and Financial Condition Report 2021
Date:4 Mar 2022 Title:Annual Report 2021
Date:4 Mar 2022 Title:Full Year Results 2021
Date:6 August 2021 Title:Half Yearly Report 2021
Date:12 May 2021 Title:Results of 2021 AGM
Date:12 May 2021 Title:Trading Update 2021
Date:08 Apr 2021 Title:Solvency and Financial Condition Report 2020
Date:5 Mar 2021 Title:Annual Report 2020
Date:26 Feb 2021 Title:Full Year Results 2020
Date:12 Feb 2021 Title:Results of EGM
Date:31 July 2020 Title:Results of 2020 AGM
Date:31 July 2020 Title:Half Yearly Report 2020
Date:24 June 2020 Title:Trading Update 2020
Date:07 Apr 2020 Title:Solvency and Financial Condition Report 2019
Date:27 Feb 2020 Title:Annual Report 2019
Date:27 Feb 2020 Title:Full Year Results 2019
Date:01 Aug 2019 Title:Half Yearly Report 2019
Date:10 May 2019 Title:Results of 2019 AGM
Date:10 May 2019 Title:Trading Update 2019
Date:22 Apr 2019 Title:Solvency and Financial Condition Report 2018
Date:29 Mar 2019 Title:Annual Report 2018
Date:27 Feb 2019 Title:Full Year Results 2018
Date:01 Aug 2018 Title:Half Yearly Report 2018
Date:22 Jun 2018 Title:2017 Solvency and Financial Condition report
Date:04 May 2018 Title:Trading Update 2018
Date:29 Mar 2018 Title:Annual Financial Report 2017
Date:27 Feb 2018 Title:Preliminary Results 2017
Date:04 Aug 2017 Title:Half Yearly Report 2017
Date:19 May 2017 Title:2016 Solvency and Financial Condition report
Date:04 Apr 2017 Title:Annual Financial Report 2016
Date:27 Feb 2017 Title:Preliminary Results 2016
Date:29 Apr 2016 Title:Trading Update 2016
Date:29 Feb 2016 Title:Final Results 2015
Date:29 Feb 2016 Title:Annual Report 2015
Date:2 March 2015 Title:Annual Report 2014
Date:3 March 2014 Title:Annual Report 2013
Date:4 March 2013 Title:Annual Report 2012
Date:5 March 2012 Title:Annual Report 2011

2022 AGM

FBD Holdings plc held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Thursday 12th May 2022

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