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Below you will find an archive of reports and presentations published by FBD Holdings plc.

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Date Title Files
Date:01 Aug 2019 Title:Half Yearly Report 2019
Date:10 May 2019 Title:Results of 2019 AGM
Date:10 May 2019 Title:Trading Update 2019
Date:22 Apr 2019 Title:Solvency and Financial Condition Report 2018
Date:29 Mar 2019 Title:Annual Report 2018
Date:27 Feb 2019 Title:Full Year Results 2018
Date:01 Aug 2018 Title:Half Yearly Report 2018
Date:22 Jun 2018 Title:2017 Solvency and Financial Condition report
Date:04 May 2018 Title:Trading Update 2018
Date:29 Mar 2018 Title:Annual Financial Report 2017
Date:27 Feb 2018 Title:Preliminary Results 2017
Date:04 Aug 2017 Title:Half Yearly Report 2017
Date:19 May 2017 Title:2016 Solvency and Financial Condition report
Date:04 Apr 2017 Title:Annual Financial Report 2016
Date:27 Feb 2017 Title:Preliminary Results 2016
Date:29 Apr 2016 Title:Trading Update 2016
Date:29 Feb 2016 Title:Final Results 2015

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