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Full Year Results 2019


Key Performance Stats

For the Year Ended 31st December 2019

112mProfit before

Compared with €50m profit for 2018

72% Combined Operating Ratio

Improvement vs 81% equivalent figure for 2018

370m Gross Written

Stable vs €372m premium written in 2018

30% Return on

Compared with 15% ROE for 2018

100c Per share dividend

Increase vs 50c 2018 dividend paid

"We welcome the increasing stabilisation evident in court awards and resulting strong claims settlement activity in 2019. However, all consumers urgently need claims costs to come down through lower awards, lower legal and medical costs and the increased recognition of personal responsibility in injury cases. FBD continues to call for systemic reform to lower the cost of insurance for all.

Our FBD team has delivered a great result for 2019 due to our excellent customer service, our disciplined underwriting, some good luck with the weather, a rebound in investment markets and strong claims settlement activity.

I am pleased to report that the Board proposes a dividend of 100c per share for our shareholders. "

" FBD’s strong out-turn for 2019 has been built from sound underwriting and risk selection decisions over the last few years and I am delighted to see those benefits come through so strongly. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my colleagues who delivered this result and to wish our loyal customers and shareholders every success for 2020 and beyond. "

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Full Year Results up to 31st December 2019

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