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Promoting Safety on Irish Farms

Farming is a marvellous way of life and can be very rewarding. However by its nature, it is also a hazardous occupation. The rise in fatal farm accidents is cause for great concern. FBD’s mission is to support initiatives which will make the farm a safer place for all. In addition we have dedicated employees who work directly with farms and businesses to help improve safety standards and awareness in the workplace.

Farm Protect

The aim of the FBD Farm Protect campaign is to encourage farmers to make small changes to their working behaviour. While farmers’ attitudes to health and safety are generally positive, simple changes can make a big difference. We focus on promoting awareness of the critical behavioural changes required through press and online adverts, social media and through distributing safety materials.

Champions for Safety

FBD annually brings a "Champions for Safety" Seminar to all the Agricultural Colleges. This programme has been running for the last 5 years. Speakers include FBD, Teagasc, the Health and Safety Authority, ESB Networks and those who have been directly involved in an accident.

Safeguarding the Future of Farming Conference

"Safeguarding the Future of Farming" was the main theme of this year’s safety conference supported by FBD Insurance and the Health and Safety Authority (HSA).