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Environmental, Social and Governance

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Decent Work And Economical Growth

Our Culture and Our Values

Our culture defines the values and behaviours that we will champion and promote as a Group. Values in action is based on the belief that real sustainable culture change is shaped by the behaviour of individuals at all levels across the organisation. These values define our culture and the character of the Group, guiding how we behave and make decisions.

FBD Values

FBD has a very clearly defined strategy that is aligned to our culture and is actively considered and set by the Board and EMT. The Board and EMT take a leading role in communicating the desired culture to the organisation. This remained a focus throughout 2022 and is achieved in a number of ways including:

  • FBD has continued investing in various activities to align all our employees, our culture and our strategy. This has included the restructuring of elements of FBD’s variable pay remuneration scheme to hold ourselves to account for how we deliver against the behavioural expectations of each role.
  • We continue to rollout our Mindful Leadership Programme to support our desired leadership culture and build coaching skills to embed this culture in teams throughout the organisation.
  • In 2023, we will roll out FBD’s technical competency framework which will complement the behavioural competency framework and provide employees with a holistic view of the expectations required of them.
FBD Values

Respect for Human Rights

Under FBD’s Equal Opportunities, Diversity and Inclusion Policy, all employees who work in FBD, and those who use services provided by FBD, are treated with dignity and respect, receive equality of opportunity and are not subject to discrimination. FBD seeks to ensure that respect for diversity, equality and inclusion are embedded in all the services we provide and the work we do. To this end, FBD’s Supplier Charter details how FBD supports the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and will work to enforce these rights within our supply chain.

FBD’s Supplier Charter

FBD’s ‘Supplier Charter’ outlines the standards that we expect to see throughout our supply chain. We set high standards for ourselves and our suppliers. We insist that all of our business activities are conducted lawfully, sustainably and above all ethically. Our charter sets out FBD’s zero tolerance approach to modern slavery in all its forms in our own business and in our supply chain. This means not using forced or compulsory labour and/or labour held under slavery or servitude. We also understand how important prompt payment is to our suppliers. Our standard payment terms are net 30 days and we work hard to make sure we meet this. FBD expects that all of our suppliers pay employees at least the minimum wage, and provides each employee with all legally mandated benefits.

Environmental, Social and Governance